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Information due to the coronavirus

For everyone´s safety we expect all of our visitors to be healthy and symptom free. We ask our visitors and staff to keep a safe distance at all times.

Welcome to Målilla Älgpark!

/The Österberg family


We are the Österberg family   and we live here at  Målilla moose park and the Kristineberg farm. The family consist of Hjalmar and Maria and our four children.  Here at the farm you will also find  three moose families, deer, rabbits, goats, chicken, Lady the cat and Hektor the dog.

To be able to experience the moose up close there is a  path in  between the enclosures that takes you inside the moose areas. There are ponds in all three areas where the moose love to swim and play. The walk around the old estate Kristineberg is about one kilometer. During your walk you will meet the moose up close  and you are welcome to stay here as long as you like. 

Stay to enjoy a  "fika" (coffe or drink and a snack), play at the playground, visit the rabbits and goats, and above all: spend as  much time as you like with the moose!

Besides the possibility to meet moose  during your walk around the farm you will also enjoy beautiful landscape with around 150 year old trees.  Stroll around and discover the lovely Swedish rural environment with its red and white houses, forests and open fields! 

Practical information about the moose park

All visitors get something to feed the moose all day.  See "opening hours" for more information. Moose regurgitate their food and eat on and of all day.

We have a souvenir shop with a wide assortment of moose themed products   as well as classic Swedish souvenirs. We accept both cash and cards in the shop.

The barbecue  is always ready to use. You can buy sausages and bread in the shop or barbecue you own food.

There are plenty of places to sit all around the farm. Our "fika cottage" offers rain or sun protection when needed.

Toilets and changing table is situated by the entrance.

The park is suitable for prams.

Dogs are allowed to be leashed in the parking lot and must remain in the car during your visit here. The reason is that  moose are afraid of dogs and they get anxious and hide if they get too close.  

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